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Sustainability Activities

MPMA effectively hosted an online webinar titled "Operation Clean Sweep: Your Backyard, Your Responsibility," on 27 September 2023. Many valuable insights of the OCS programme have been shared by a few esteemed speakers, including Ms. Wee Ching Yun, Ms. Nur Hanis representing MPMA, Mr Jayden On from DOW Chemical, and Ms Chai Lee Hwa from Thong Guan Industries Berhad.

Click below to view the webinar and to download the slides.


The webinar is designed to educate university lecturers, researchers and undergraduate students about the plastics industry and its sustainability agenda. Various stakeholders from the plastics supply chain will be speaking on topics such as plastics manufacturing, responsible plastics management and plastics circularity. It is hoped that the webinar will be able to address the many misconceptions about plastics by providing better clarity about the Malaysian plastics industry.

DATE: 16 & 17 December 2020
TIME: 10.00 am to 12.00 pm


Day 1: Webinar: Why Plastics (Day 1)

Day 2: Webinar: Why Plastics (Day 2)


Paper 1: The Petrochemical Industry and Circularity

Paper 2: Sustainable Plastics Manufacturing

Paper 3: Misconceptions of Plastics

Paper 4: Waste Management and Recycling – The Enabler of Plastics Circularity

Paper 5: The Future of Plastics in Packaging (Please contact Mr Lim Seng Huat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for his presentation slide)

Paper 6: Education and Awareness of Responsible Plastics Management



MPMA will be organizing an online quiz game to primary & secondary schools in Melaka to educate students on PLASTICS, ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY as well as enhance their knowledge on RECYCLING and WASTE MANAGEMENT.

Duration: October – December 2020

PLAY & WIN Attractive Prizes


Inspired by Precious Plastic (, this programme aimed to bring recycling to schools through demonstration using simple recycling machines (shredder, injection and extrusion machines). The truck is currently under construction and set to be launched on 28 April 2020. An additional feature in the truck is a solar system to demonstrate renewable energy in powering one of the recycling machines.

The development of the module is made possible with the collaboration between PETRONAS Chemicals Group (PCG), Pusat STEM Negara under Ministry of Education (MOE), MPMA and Solid Waste Corporation (SWCorp). The objective of the module is to equip teachers with the right information on plastics, proper waste management and our role in addressing issues such as global warming and marine litter.

2 modules were developed:
  • ‘Plastic, Environment & You’ for primary schools. Available in 4 languages: Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil.
  • ‘Plastic, Sustainability & You’ for secondary schools. Available in 2 languages: Malay and English.

The modules had been distributed to all schools nationwide in which each school receives a hardcopy of the module and a pendrive which contains an interactive module and the e-version of the module.

Held for the 4th consecutive year, the programme in 2019 was expanded to a statewide programme with final participation of 34 primary and secondary schools in Melaka.

A special seminar for teachers was designed to be a part of the programme this year to provide correct and scientific information about plastics, waste management and recycling to teachers. As teachers shape the mind of students and play an important role in motivating students and driving the programme in schools, MPMA believe engaging with teachers will be an effective way to drive participation and to sustain the programme in the long run. With the theme ‘Why Plastics?’, the seminar was attended by 219 teachers from 217 schools from Melaka.

In terms of the programme, students were to complete the ‘Zero Waste Challenge’ which comprised 3 challenges:
  • Awareness talk
  • #PullingOurWeight clean up
  • Recyclables collection using the MyReturns application

Due to the success of the programme for 4 years, the School Environmental Challenge received the recognition as a case study of private sector’s involvement in education programmes at the National Convention on Parents, Community and Private Sectors Involvement organized by the Ministry of Education Malaysia on 26 November 2019. About 700 teachers and parents from all around the country attended the Convention.

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