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The Conference on 'Future of Innovation for the Plastics Industry 2015'  themed Integrating, Shaping and Improving Manufacturing will feature the concepts, technologies and systems which facilitate the Smart Factory.   


Although the term sounds futuristic, the reality is that the future is arriving sooner than we think. With increasing customer expectations and stiffer competition, the new era manufacturing will be about being in a position to offer quick as well as flexible responses to customer demands – including cost-efficient production with least resources. 





01 Industry 4.0 - An Introduction to a New Industry Age

Mr Philipp Ramin, German Innovation Centre for Industry 4.0


02 Material innovations for the Future of Manufacturing 

Dr Martin Bauwert, BASF (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd


03 Robot-based Automation for the Plastics Industry 

Mr Anston Tan, German Training Centre


04 ARBURG Plastic Freeforming - New Industrial Additive Process 

Ms Lim We Yen, ARBURG Pte Ltd


05 Speeding Up Manufacturing - Smarter Decisions, Efficient Machines, Better Products 

Mr Pijush Mukherjee, Siemens


06 Creating a Culture of Innovation in the Plastics Industry by Dr Ross Gilmour, PETRONAS Chemical Group (PCG)


07 Government Incentives and Policies

Ms M Umarani, Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)


08 Case Study - How My Interns Can Potentially Help Me Save RM1m

Mr Callum Chen, LH Plus Sdn Bhd