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Sustainability is the idea that systems - including natural and human ones, need to be regenerative and balanced in order to last. MPMA believes that this would mean all kinds of systems: economic, environmental, societal and personal.


The MPMA Sustainability Conference 2013, themed, “Impact of Open Markets on Sustainability” provides the setting for how, why, and in what ways sustainability initiatives are crucial in the open market.


The Conference will not only impart relevant information about sustainability from the government's perspective, but also industry. This will provide a platform for public-private dialogue and co-operation.


Attached is the Conference Programme.




01 Sustainability Ratings: How Transparency Can Drive Performance by Ms Adelene Anthony Sinniah, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). To get a copy of PwC's Thought Leadership entitled "Going Beyond Philanthropy", click here.


02 Planning for the Future - Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in Industry by Dr Gerhard Weihs, SWITCH-Asia SCP Policy Support Malaysia, Economic Planning Unit (EPU)


03 Malaysia to Reduce Carbon Footprint by 40% by Dr Gary Theseira, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

03-1 MyCarbon Booklet

03-2 MyCarbon Framework Specification


04 Policies and Initiatives to Promote SCP by Tuan Haji Amran Hj Sameon, Ministry of International Trade and Industry


05 Government Initiatives in Green Technology Development by En Abd Malik b Atan, Malaysian Green Technology Corporation


06 DOE's Role in Promoting Green Industry Initiatives in Malaysia by En Ramli Abd Rahman, Department of Environment


07 Environmental Management Tools and Techniques for Improving Business Sustainable Performanceby Dr SS Chen, SIRIM Berhad


08 Addressing Sustainability Challenges - The Role of High Performance Plastics by Mr Abdelhadi Sahnoune, ExxonMobil


09 Science for a Sustainable World  by Mr Vorapong Vorasuntharosoth, DOW


10 Sustainability Energy Management System and Practices by Ms Tracy Ong Suan Imm, Intel


11 Sustainability Solutions: Polycarbonate Materials and Applications by Mr Jonas Lim, Bayer


12 PU Insulation for Buildings by Mr Chua Choong Ek, Bayer


13 Packaging and Sustainability: The Nestle Way by Mr Lim Seng Huat, Nestle. .