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About MPMA Membership and its Benefits

The Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA), formally established in 1967, is the official voice of the Malaysian plastics industry. MPMA currently has a membership size of about 900 member companies, representing 80 percent of the country’s production of plastic products.

Companies must remember that the benefits that a company can extract from MPMA membership, depends very much on the company’s individual goals and objectives, and this is a very important aspect, when a company decides to join an association – such as MPMA. For example, if a company is a new entrant in the plastics injection sector, perhaps they want to meet others in plastics injection – and in this scenario, networking plays a key role for these member companies.  MPMA offers numerous opportunities for you to network with members and also other companies through activities such as anniversary dinners, golf games, and other strategic activities/programmes.

MPMA also offers events. The role of MPMA events is to educate members - as well as non-members on certain occasions - on the industry.  Events also provide a good avenue to discuss developments as well as establish new networking affiliations.  MPMA events are one of the best avenues to gather impartial information about an industry or subject area.


MPMA provides a collective voice for the industry in regards to issues of regulation and policy, which is crucial for organisations that do not have their own resources or expertise in this area.  Companies must realise that TOGETHER they have more industry impact and influence than working ALONE - and MPMA as an association provides an ideal platform for companies to achieve this goal.

In summary, MPMA helps you to:

·        Be on the forefront and have a prominent voice in the initiatives that significantly impact the Malaysian plastics industry

·        Network with other professionals in the industry – MPMA is constantly enhancing its portfolio by identifying new and innovative technology companies to participate in these groups

·        Identify potential business opportunities and market trends before many of your competitors

In this context, to experience the benefits of MPMA membership, companies must take part in the activities organised by MPMA or participate in one of the various Committees.

Types of Membership

There are two classes of members: Ordinary Members and Associate Members.


Ordinary Members:

Any person, firm or company carrying on business in Malaysia as a manufacturer of plastic products shall be eligible for election as an ORDINARY member.



Associate Members:

Any person, firm or company engaged in the supply of machinery or goods or services to or in the sale of products of any plastics manufacturer may become an ASSOCIATE member of the Association.