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Customer demands for higher quality, greater variety and lower costs have placed pressure on plastics manufacturers to improve efficiency.

These multiple pressures have created the need for a knowledgeable and skilled workforce who would be able to optimise and create solutions to production problems as well as bring a greater level of innovation to manufacturing.

This Seminar is beneficial to the plastics industry as it would assist SMEs improve product/part quality, reduce production cycle time and achieve greater profits.

The Seminar also highlights practical tips on cleaning and maintaining moulds to achieve faster cooling time. Participants will learn the following techniques:

To select a suitable type of cooling solution for the factory.

To optimise mould cooling using infra rate analysis, flow and temperature measurement.

How to properly clean, maintain and manage cooling in moulds so as to ensure mould efficiency required to produce consistent, profitable parts.

To use special technology such as variothermal control and computer-aided design to systematically simulate mould temperature and hot spots as well as cooling efficiency and time.

To uncover issues with existing moulds through a development of best practices.



The Conference is FULLY SUBSIDISED for the first 30 SMEs on a first-come first-serve basis.

Companies can also claim under the SMETAP Scheme

(direct debit from employers’ levy balance).

Companies interested to take advantage of the

Incentive/SMETAP Scheme are required to complete the registration online at

Companies that do not wish to utilse their employers’ levy balance are advised to remit payment via cheque to ‘MPMA.


Click here for the Seminar Brochure.

To register online at HRDF website, please click on "Step-by-Step"

Presentations for download:

Introduction to Effective Mould Tempering

*Mr Anston Tan, German Training Centre for Injection Moulding

Measuring the Effectiveness of Cooling Circuits

*Ms Kim Villadsen, Mouldflo Ltd

Using CAE to Shorten Cooling Time

*Dr Tober Sun (Shih-Po Sun), Moldex 3D

Effective Ways to Clean and Treat Circuit and Variothermal Control 

*Mr Kurt Klopfenstein, HB-Therm-AG

Productivity Improvements through Optimised Mould Temperature Controls

*Mr Gerd Eicker, gwk Gesellschaft Warme Kaltetechnik mbH

Optimising Mould Cooling to Reduce Cycle Time and Case Studies

*Mr Bernd Johannson, German Training Centre for Injection Moulding