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About MPMA


The Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA), established in 1967, is a progressive trade association providing leadership and quality service to its members and the plastics industry. MPMA is the official voice of the Malaysian plastics industry, representing its members and the industry in Government interaction, spearheading the plastics industry’s growth and providing the platforms to assist members to be globally competitive.


MPMA currently has about 900 members comprising Ordinary members, which represent about 60% of plastics manufacturers in the country and account for 80% of the country’s total production of plastics products.  


> Vision Statement

To be a progressive trade association providing leadership to the plastics industry.


> Mission Statements

We provide direction and leadership to upgrade the plastics industry through effective government liaison, strategic alliances as well as specialised training and industry studies.


We promote the usage of plastics with due care to the environment and the community.


> Objectives

To promote the use, manufacture and processing of plastics.


To protect, assist and enhance the interest of manufacturers of plastics. 


To organise and provide various means of training to help upgrade the technological level of the plastics industry.


To encourage co-operation among manufacturers of plastics products, both within and outside Malaysia.


To gather, analyse and provide statistical and technical data as well as other information of interest.


To provide a platform for members to interact and to foster closer rapport among members.


To co-operate with other trade associations, non-governmental organisations and other bodies of common interest to ensure the healthy growth of the plastics industry.


To collaborate with the Government in the promotion of the plastics industry towards achieving the country’s vision of becoming a developed nation by 2020.


To promote the growth of the plastics industry and transform it into a global player taking into cognisance its social responsibility towards the environment and community.